Caravan Mattress Buying Guide

Caravanning holidays shouldn’t mean you need to settle for a poor night’s sleep on a substandard mattress.

What size is a caravan mattress?

The size of a caravan mattress is dependent on the make and model of your caravan so there is no “standard” caravan mattress size to follow. Although two caravan mattresses may appear to be the same size if carefully measured they are sure to present slight differences.

At Custom Size Beds our caravan mattresses are made to order to ensure you get the best possible fit for your space. Our custom-size caravan mattresses can vary from small singles to spacious doubles and are uniquely made with you in mind.

No matter the model, make, or year of your caravan, Custom Size Beds can cut your caravan mattress to any shape or size.

Caravan Mattresss With Diagonal Corner Cut Away

Measuring your caravan for a new mattress

To create your custom caravan mattress, you will need to measure your caravan and provide the dimensions.

Follow the steps below to get accurate measurements to ensure your custom caravan mattress fits perfectly.

For further information, read our detailed bed and mattress size guide to help you get an idea of the standard mattress dimensions.

Measure the width of your caravan mattress

This is the distance from side to side of your caravan mattress. To measure, hold the tape measure at one side and extend it to the other. Record this measurement on your phone or in a notepad.

Measure the length of your caravan bed

The length of your caravan mattress is the vertical measurement from the top end of your caravan mattress to the bottom end. Hook the tape measure to the top and extend until you reach the opposite end. Once again, record this measurement on your phone or in a notepad.

Specific shape measurements

Custom Size Beds can cut caravan mattresses to any and every shape. If you require a specific or unique-shaped mattress you will be prompted to enter the shape dimensions.

Unique-shaped mattresses include island caravan mattresses and cut-off corner mattresses.

Caravan Motorhome Bespoke Made To Measure Mattresses UK

Choosing the shape of your caravan bed

When selecting the shape of your mattress, Custom Size Beds offer a range of detailed mattress design options which can be found on our mattress designer, to ensure the perfect fit.

With basic, shaped and split mattress designs, Custom Size Beds can create a customised caravan mattress for you.

Buying a mattress for a certain caravan manufacturer

If you wish to upgrade the factory-fitted mattress that came with your caravan, Custom Size Beds can manufacture mattresses to fit any model of caravan.

So, whether you have a Bailey, Swift, Elddis, Coachman or Burstner, or another caravan model or make, Custom Size Beds can create a bespoke mattress designed specifically for you.

What is the cheapest caravan mattress?

The price of bespoke caravan mattresses varies depending on a range of factors. These factors include size, shape, and the desired comfort level of your mattress.

For a customised caravan mattress that fulfills your needs without breaking the bank, get in touch with one of our experts via Live Support, phone or email to discuss your options.

Choosing a comfortable caravan mattress

When designing your custom-made caravan mattress with Custom Size Beds there are three different comfort levels to consider.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses help to distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure. With dual-layer construction, a pressure-relieving top layer and a supportive base layer, memory foam mattresses are a popular option.

ComfiCel Memory Foam Mattress

ComfiCel Gel Foam

ComfiCel gel foam is a responsive mattress that bounces back to its original state much quicker than standard memory foam materials. This allows you to move freely as the mattress recovers at a faster rate.

ComfiCel Gel Foam Mattress

ComfiCel Cool Memory Foam

ComfiCel cool memory foam has the same benefits as a ComfiCel gel foam mattress while also retaining less heat and maintaining a neutral temperature. This mattress offers superior pressure relief and retains less excess body heat.

ComfiCel Cool Memory Foam Mattress

How long will delivery be for a caravan mattress?

Depending on the design of your desired mattress, delivery times can vary. Custom Size Beds believe in delivering you the most comfortable beds made with precision, care and pride.

For more information regarding delivery times and current lead times, see our delivery information.

Do you make made-to-measure mattresses for anything else?

At Custom Size Beds, we’re dedicated to creating the best bespoke mattresses to fit any and every space imaginable.

We specialise in several specifications including:

How to clean a caravan mattress

It is important to clean your mattress regularly to prevent stains, dust and dust mites.

Our how to clean a mattress guide provides extensive information about how to clean your mattress, remove tough stains and how to protect your mattress from bed bugs.

Where to buy a caravan mattress

To buy a caravan mattress from Custom Size Beds, click here to design your dream mattress.

Simply choose your shape, size and quality and enjoy a perfectly fitted mattress with a five-year warranty.