Adria Missouri Caravan Mattresses

If you are trying to update your Caravan for a great nights sleep with a custom size mattress then look no further!

We were recently contacted by a customer who was trying to replace their mattress with something more comfortable for their Adria Missouri Caravan. He came to “Custom Size Beds” as we offer mattresses cut to fit caravans, that can be bespoke made for any make or model. The customer supplied us with a diagram of their existing mattress along with the appropriate dimensions, to which we created a custom mattress to their exact specification. This included splits along various hinged joins where the bed folds.

UK Made Adria Missouri mattress replacement

Recent case study

We recently had an owner of an Adria Missouri come to us and request a mattress. The current mattress in the caravan was very old and they were in desperate need of a new one.

Firstly, we asked the customer for the dimensions. We took these and put them into our computer system to come up with a set of detailed drawings. This was later emailed over.

The customer was very impressed by our speed and professionalism in getting this done. They checked the dimensions against their current mattress in their Adria Missouri and confirmed our drawings were a perfect fit.

Once the customer was happy to proceed, we loaded in the dimensions into our specialist machinery which then cut the shape and size required with a perfect finish.

To guarantee that the fitting Adria Missouri mattress would fit into place, we make sure we take care to vacuum pack and roll prior to dispatch. This is important for making sure the mattress is easily transported to its new home without any damage and it can fit into the caravan without damaging any of the interior.


Replacement Custom Mattress for Adria Missouri Caravan

Adria Missouri Caravan Mattress Drawing Dimensions

Cut to fit your Adria Missouri

Our high-tech machinery cuts your mattress exactly how the design illustrates. Once your new Adria Missouri caravan mattress has been created, we then vacuum pack and roll the mattress. This assures the mattress isn’t damaged during delivery and doesn’t damage the inside of the caravan when the mattress is being fitted.

Whilst the measurements above gave the correct fit for this customers Adria Missouri, please ensure you are happy with all measurements before ordering. Custom Size Beds takes no responsibility for any errors in the measurements.


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