Auto Trail Chieftain Mattresses

Built on the chassis of the Fiat Ducato, the Auto Trail Chieftain motorhome offers a luxurious interior with plenty of natural light. The large tag axle design provides plenty of room with amenities to comfortably accommodate 2 adults on even the longest of adventures. To ensure you dont miss out on your usual creature comforts, the Chieftain features a large fixed bed to the rear of the vehicle. Should you want to accommodate friends or family for the night then simply fold out the front lounge which converts into a large double bed. Often comfort can be extremely subjective and for those who dont get on with the factory fitted mattresses, a replacement may be required. Purchasing a new mattress from the main dealer may leave you with limited options when it comes to comfort, which is why all of our Auto Trail Chieftain motorhome mattresses can be customised and tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Replacement Custom Mattress for the Auto Trail Chieftain
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Recent case study

We were recently contacted by Phillipa who wanted to upgrade the mattress in her Auto Trail Chieftain motorhome. Suffering from a poor nights sleep, Phillipa wanted her new mattress to be made with memory foam, the same material used in her mattress at home. After some consideration, Phillipa opted for our luxurious Premium Memory Foam mattress in a medium firmness rating. Ensuring only the highest levels of comfort we will always use domestic grade fillings in all of our mattresses whether its destined for your home or your home away from home!

Replacement Custom Mattress for Auto Trail Chieftain

Whilst the fixed mattress in the Auto Trail Chieftain is particular long and has a rectangular section cut away, our production techniques mean we can cut mattresses to literally any shape or size making this job a piece of cake. We are regularly asked to make replacement mattresses to fit the Auto Trail Chieftain in a number of different firmnesses, specifications and comfort levels. Our zip off quilted covers make it easy to keep the mattress fresh and clean over the many years of life it promises to provide.

Any shape or size!

Our made to measure mattresses can be made to literally ANY shape or size! No matter where you need one, we’ll make a mattress to fit

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Start by selecting the shape that shows the closest match to your requirements – you’ll be able to customise this later. If you can’t find your shape or need something entirely different, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Step 1) Select the shape you wish to customise
Basic shapes
Shaped mattresses
You’ll select which side the shape is cut later
Split mattresses
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Cut to fit your Auto Trail Chieftain Motorhome

The rectangular cut away in this mattress has to be 100% perfect to ensure the correct fit. Too big and there will be a large gap, or too small and the mattress won’t fit! To be 110% we asked Phillipa to triple check all her measurements before production began. Every measurement can be tweaked and amended as required so you get the very best fit. The measurements on the drawing above show the sizes we used to manufacturer this mattress and as you can see in the photo above the fit was spot on. Once the foam had been cut, a bespoke zip off cover was cut, stitched and fitted before the mattress was sent to Phillipa and fitted into her Auto Trail Chieftain motorhome!

Auto Trail Chieftain motorhome Mattress Drawing Dimensions

Please do not rely on the measurements shown in the diagram below. Always take your own set of measurements to ensure a perfect fit in your motorhome.

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