Autocruise Oakmont Motorhome Mattresses

The Autocruise Oakmont is a coachbuilt 4 Berth Motorhome. With plenty of space to relax, the Oakmont is a popular motorhome for those seeking adventure. Come night you have the luxury of a large island bed, with ample storage underneath. Fixed beds provide an improved quality of sleep compared to beds that need to be made up each and every night, however if the fixed island mattress in your Autocruise Oakmont has seen better days then might not necessarily be the case. If you are looking to improve the level of comfort in your Oakmont, we can manufacturer bespoke replacements to fit with absolute precision!

UK Made Autocruise Oakmont Motorhome Mattresses

Recent case study

We were recently contacted by Roy who was looking for a replacement mattress to fit his 2009 Autocruise Oakmont Motorhome.

The mattress chose by Roy for his Autocruise Oakmont motorhome mattress was our top of the range ComfiCel Cool Memory Foam Mattresses. Ideal for motorhome beds, Cool foam is engineered to retain less heat providing the sleeper with a cooler nights sleep on the motorhome mattress. This mattress is a favourite for hot sticky summer nights


Autocruise Oakmont Motorhome Mattress

Autocruise Oakmont Motorhome Mattress Drawing Dimensions

Cut to fit your Autocruise Oakmont motorhome

Roy sent over some dimensions and one of our designers were able to send back a scale production plan which allowed the final dimensions and shape to be checked for accuracy. We have a selection of templates that can be sent that show the dimensions that would be required for us to produce any bespoke shape replacement motorhome mattress.

The drawing shown above is for reference only as they were sent over by our customer. When ordering your new Autocruise Oakmont 2009 mattress please check and confirm all the dimensions yourself to ensure that the fit is correct to you. If the dimensions need to be amended we are happy to update the drawing accordingly for your Motorhome or Caravan. Custom Size Beds cannot take responsibility for any errors in the measurements given.


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