Hobby 575 VIP Caravan Mattresses

German manufacturer ‘Hobby’ are a well established manufacturer of well specced luxury caravans. Often boasting a large overall size, the Hobby range is popular with those who stay in their caravan for long periods or even live in them on a permanent basis. The Hobby 575 VIP is no exception to this rule and is a well proportioned 4 berth caravan with a large U shaped lounge at the front and a spacious kitchen / washroom areas. Like many Hobby’s, the 575 VIP features a large king size bed, much larger than many others in this class with no need to make up the bed on a daily basis. Fixed beds are becoming increasingly popular, however unlike any mattress, they are not immune to age related wear and tear. When your Hobby 575 VIP mattress starts to cause discomfort, finding a replacement couldn’t be easier with Custom Size Beds. Our comfortable and affordable range of Hobby 575 VIP mattresses are all made to order and can be ordered with a specification to suit your exact needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you enjoy every night spent in your Hobby 575 VIP

UK Made Replacement Mattress for Hobby 575 VIP Touring Caravan

Recent case study

After a particularly bad nights sleep in her Hobby 575 VIP caravan, Susan from Selkirkshire contacted us about ordering a new mattress. She was looking for something that had more ‘bounce’ than memory foam allowing for better freedom to roll. As memory foam can be slow to recover she opted for our highly comfortable Gel foam mattress which responds to body pressure instead of body temperature. The high spec Gel foam we use is designed to cope with everyday use from adults so this mat trip away in the summer.

Susan was kind enough to post the following review on our website “We wanted a new mattress for our Hobby 575 VIP caravan. Looked on line and came accross Custom size beds. Ordering it was so easy, no falling out with hubby, Custom beds have different shapes and show you how to measure properly. I filled in the form emailed it and got my drawing back and confirmed that is the correct measurements, then 1 week later my mattress was delivered, which fits perfectly. The customer service you provide is excellent. Would highly recommend.” Thanks Susan!


Replacement Mattress for Hobby 575 Caravan

Replacement Mattress for Hobby 575 VIP Touring Caravan

Hobby 575 VIP Touring Caravan Mattress

To ensure the perfect fit is achieved in your Hobby 575 VIP caravan, we will get you to send some simple measurements. This helps ensures should there be any variation between different batches / years, your mattress will always fit. All of our Hobby 575 VIP mattresses are made to order so you can specify the mattress to be made exactly as you want. The dimensions above show the easy to measure dimensions Susan sent us when ordering her new mattress. Before anything goes into production we will first email you a scale production plan for you to check and confirm.

Whilst the measurements above gave the correct fit for Susans Hobby 575 caravan mattress, please ensure you are happy with all measurements before ordering. Custom Size Beds takes no responsibility for any errors in the measurements.


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