Lunar Clubman SI Caravan Mattresses

The Lunar Clubman SI is a lightweight 4 berth caravan that features a double size day and night mode transverse island mattress. Towards the rear of the caravan, past the bed, is a large washroom perfect for staying on fresh during your travels. We regularly work with owners of the Lunar Clubman SI to help improve their quality of sleep and ensure their mattress suits their requirements as best as possible. All of our luxurious bespoke mattresses can be cut to fit any model of Lunar caravan and come with a hand made zip off deep quilted cover allowing you to keep your mattress fresher for longer.

UK Made Lunar Clubman SI Caravan mattress replacement

Recent case study

After deciding enough was enough, Karen wanted to get a better nights sleep in her caravan and contacted us about ordering a memory foam mattress for her Clubman SI. As she did not make use of the day/night folding feature the original mattress offered, she opted for the mattress to be made in one piece instead of two. After requesting some easy to take measurements we were able to replicate the shape, size and curvature exactly.

Once a mattress has been made, we’ll send it to you vacuum packed and rolled for easy installation in your Lunar Clubman SI. This also makes it easy to transport to the campsite where your caravan is stored.


Lunar Clubman SI Caravan Mattress

Transverse Lunar Clubman SI Caravan Mattress

Cut to fit your Lunar Clubman SI

Karen supplied us with her dimensions which allowed us to send back a clear and detailed production plan. Once checked and signed off by Karen, we programmed these dimensions into our state of the art computer controlled foam cutter shaping the chosen memory foam to the precise size.

The diagram below shows the scale plan we used for production. The 4 measurements allow us to replicate this transverse island bed with ultimate precision. Are you interested in getting a high-quality but affordable replacement mattress made for your Lunar Clubman SI Caravan? Then placing an order with us has never been easier. All you need to do is fill out the contact form below or use our instant quote calculator tool to get a quote! See how we can help you today:


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