Mattresses For Swift Sprite Quattro EB Caravans

Prior to 2018, Sprite was available as a standalone brand up until the Swift Group consolidated it’s range turning the Sprite brand into a range of caravans offered under the Swift name. Forming part of the “super” range, the Sprite Quattro EB is an 8FT wide twin axle caravan with a very clever layout. For those that don’t know EB Sprite Quattro EB stands for End Bedroom, but if the bedroom is at the end, where does the bathroom go you might ask? You’ll find the bathroom right in the middle of the caravan. This unique design helps to provide a clear divide between the living are and bedroom creating 2 distinct rooms offering some of the best levels of privacy in a caravan. As you fall into slumber in the end bedroom, your guests will be equally as happy with the 2x large 1.9m long single beds at the front of the Swift Sprite Quattro EB, or if the circumstances are right it quickly converts into a spacious double bed. With all this cleverly designed space the next talking point is comfort. Comfort is widely subjective between different individuals, which is why more often than not Swift Sprite Quattro EB owners quickly seek replacement mattresses – something that will better suit their own personal preferences. At Custom Size Beds, we specialise in manufacturing domestic quality comfortable mattresses cut to fit any make or model of caravan.

UK Made Transverse caravan mattress replacement

Recent case study

Someone who has done just that is Arthur from Merseyside. Looking for something with a little more pressure relief for his 2018 Swift Sprite Quattro EB, he quickly decided on our Cool Memory Foam mattress. This model makes an ideal caravan mattress due to the unique way it retains less body heat in the summer helping to prevent you from overheating. The enhanced level of pressure relief also helps to provide a more luxurious feel. The rounded foot end and irregular dimensions were no problem for our team


Mattresses For Swift Sprite Quattro EB Caravans

Transverse Caravan Mattress Drawing Dimensions

Cut to fit your Sprite Quattro EB

Every order starts with discussing the customer requirements and sizes. Once Arthur had provided us with measurements we were able to send back clear and detailed drawing for him to give the once over. Once 100% satisfied with the design we quickly got to work making the mattress with maximum precision. The image above shows the measurements we used for Arthurs Swift Sprite Quattro EB mattress.

Whilst the measurements above gave the correct fit for Arthurs Sprite Quattro EB mattress, please ensure you are happy with all measurements before ordering. Custom Size Beds takes no responsibility for any errors in the measurements.


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