Mattresses for Swift Sterling Eccles Caravans

Originally introduced in 2011, the Sterling Eccles range replaced the Sterling Europa. From 2018 the Sterling caravan range was discontinued with Swift ceasing production of both the Continental and Elite ranges. Whilst the Eccles range remains, it has now been branded as the Swift Eccles. A highly popular caravan offering fantastic value for money, the Swift Sterling Eccles comfortably sleeps up to 4 people and boasts an impressive 6.27 metre internal length. With plenty of space for living, preparing food and sleeping, this versatile caravan also features a full size island double bed at the rear. Especially handy after a tiring day, fixed beds save the hassle of daily making of the bed and storing the bedding during the day. With many of these Swift Sterling Eccles caravans now getting on in years, alot of people are looking to replace the fixed mattress with something more comfortable. We offer a range of mattress to fit the Swift Sterling Eccles and can have them made in a number of different constructions to suit your exact needs. Say hello to the best nights sleep on your new Swift Sterling Eccles mattress.

Swift Sterling Eccles Caravan Mattress
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Recent case study

Having just purchased a pre-loved 2011 Swift Sterling Eccles, we were contacted by Steve who wanted to replace the rear fixed island bed with something more comfortable than the original. Noticing that the caravan got particularly warm in the summer months, he wanted a mattress that would help to keep him cool in the summer. After discussing this with one of our expert advisors, Steve opted for our Cool Memory Foam mattress which is specially engineered to retain less heat and therefore maintains a more neutral temperature.

Swift Sterling Eccles Caravan Mattress

Once the order had been placed the brand new Swift Sterling Eccles mattress was delivered in just 1 week. To ensure ease of installation our new mattress arrived vacuum packed and rolled. If you are looking for a new mattress for your Swift Sterling Eccles, get in touch and find out how we can help you.

Any shape or size!

Our made to measure mattresses can be made to literally ANY shape or size! No matter where you need one, we’ll make a mattress to fit

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Start by selecting the shape that shows the closest match to your requirements – you’ll be able to customise this later. If you can’t find your shape or need something entirely different, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Step 1) Select the shape you wish to customise
Basic shapes
Shaped mattresses
You’ll select which side the shape is cut later
Split mattresses
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Cut to fit your Swift Sterling Eccles caravan

To provide the best possible fit, we asked Steve to take 4 measurements from his original mattress. The measurements in the drawing above show the dimensions sent to us and the shape they form. You will notice that there are no difficult radiuses or curves to measure, just 4 straight edges. Our state of the art software is then able to calculate the radiuses and curvature accordingly. Before Steve’s new Swift Sterling Eccles went into production we first sent him the scale production plan so he could first check and confirm everything as being correct. This ensured the perfect fit each and every time!

Swift Sterling Eccles Caravan Mattress Drawing Dimensions

Whilst these dimensions provided Vincent with the perfect fit, we would always ask that you check all measurements against your own mattress to ensure the fit. All measurements can be amended at no extra charge so do not hesitate to make changes if needed.

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