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Fitting a bed frame into a tight space can be both frustrating and sometimes simply not possible. A custom bed frame that is made to measure is a perfect option. Custom Size Beds make ordering a custom bed frame both simple and affordable. We offer a range of bespoke bed frames that can be cut to almost any size, perfect for those tricky spaces. Whether you have a box room that won’t fit a standard size bed frame, or you want to make the most of the available space in a room, our made to measure bed frame service can help. Contact us to discuss your custom bed frame measurements with us. We also provide made-to-measure custom mattresses, providing the perfect night’s sleep for your new made-to-measure bed frame.

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Custom size bed frames

Our made to measure bed frames can be cut to almost any length or width, allowing you to make the most of awkward spaces. Our bespoke bed frames with a headboard can be ordered with a standard width and a customised length. For those looking to customise the width as well, we offer a range of frames with low headends. The low profile design of frames without headboards makes them ideal for loft conversions and attic spaces where headroom is limited. With our custom bed frames, the possibilities are endless, and each bed is made to order to your exact specifications.

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Get started by selecting the size band that offers the closest match to the external width/length of your custom size bed frame. For example, if you require a bed frame with the external size 120cm x 190cm, simply select Double (no larger than 144cm x 216cm)

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“We awake refreshed, without backache and ready to start the day. So, we highly recommend this superb company with its professional helpful staff”

Julie Young

“I got into bed yesterday morning and slept soundly for hours without hardly moving at all … something that is unheard of for me”

Tracy Jane

We also make mattresses to fit your custom bed frame

You have a made to measure bed frame, but can’t find a mattress that fits it? We’ve got you covered, and offer a range of odd size mattresses and short mattresses, as well as comfortable bespoke mattresses to suit your new custom bed frame. Our mattresses can cut to any size and available in a number of different materials depending on your preferences and budget, it’s easy to achieve the perfect night’s sleep with our custom size bed frames and odd size mattresses. We recommend that mattresses are ordered 10cm smaller than the total external size of the bed frame to accommodate the size of the frame.

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Custom Size Bed Frames

Our custom bed frames offer the perfect solution for irregular size box bedrooms or extra tall people.

Bespoke Bed Frames

Customise your new bespoke bed frame with either a traditional stained finish or a timeless white lacquered finish.

Wooden Bed Frames Custom Sizes

All our custom bed frames are made to measure. They can be cut to virtually any size providing plenty of flexibility.

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Why our made to measure bed frames?

We recognise that no home is the same. From sloping roofs to oddly shaped rooms, often a standard size bed isn’t enough. Whether it’s a bespoke bed for a small room, or a custom king size bed frame, our experts combine traditional craftsmanship with advanced cutting edge technology to create the bed of your dreams. From little to large, our custom size bed frame service is suitable for child and adult beds alike.

Trying to fit a children’s bed into a small room? Our bespoke service can provide for virtually any size of custom made children’s beds. Contact us if you’ve got a size of bed frame in mind, and we can help turn your dream into a reality.

It’s important to us that you’re over the moon with our made to measure bed frames, which is why we keep you involved in the process from start to finish. From initial design and quotation through to delivery, you’ll know exactly what to expect when your dream made to measure bed arrives. We have vast experience in creating the perfect bed and mattress, so understand the importance of building your bed frame for your needs. Our bespoke bed frames are designed and made in the United Kingdom. At Custom Size Beds we love sleep, and we’re dedicated to providing the best service to help you get a good night’s sleep. Helping customers to design their perfect custom bed frame is our passion. We offer free delivery in the UK and our mattresses are vacuum packed for easy installation. We also have quick turnaround times and can start designing and manufacturing your new custom bed frame immediately.

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