Do I need a zip and link or fabric linked mattress?

Split mattresses, such as those with zip and link systems or permanent fabric joins, offer a versatile solution in keeping two or more pieces of mattress connected.

We will cover:

What is a zip and link mattress?

A zip link hinge is a feature that allows two or more mattresses to be zipped together, creating a continuous sleeping surface. It’s a practical solution for those who want the flexibility to adjust the size and configuration of their mattress.

Benefits of a zip link mattress include:

  • Customisation – Zip link hinges offer the freedom to create a mattress tailored to your preferences. You can easily zip together two narrow mattresses to make one larger bed, or separate them for individual use.

  • Easy Maintenance – Cleaning and maintenance become a breeze with zip link hinges. If one part of the mattress requires attention, you can detach it without disturbing the other side.

  • Versatility – Zip link hinges are versatile for different purposes. Whether you have changing sleeping arrangements or need a mattress for a guest room, this option provides adaptability.

What is a fabric link hinge mattress?

A fabric link hinge connects two mattress pieces through a stitched seam, serving as a hinge and maintaining a more seamless feel. It’s an ideal choice for those who want their mattresses to remain connected permanently, while having the flexibility to fold one mattress over the other.

Benefits of a fabric link mattress include:

  • Seamless Integration – Fabric link hinges offer a more seamless transition between mattress sections, ensuring a smoother and less interrupted surface. This is ideal for those who desire a unified look and feel.

  • Enhanced Durability – Whilst our zip link hinges are incredibly durable, as the fabric link hinge has no moving parts, it adds an extra layer of durability, preventing wear and tear over time. The flexible fabric is designed to withstand movement without compromising the integrity of the mattress.

Do I need a linked hinge?

While zip link and fabric link hinges provide fantastic flexibility and convenience, there are scenarios where having mattresses entirely separate might be more suitable for your needs.

  • Permanent Bed Arrangements – If your bed arrangement is unlikely to change frequently, and you prefer a consistent mattress setup, having two entirely separate mattresses may be more straightforward. Linked hinges are excellent for adaptability, but if you don’t anticipate needing different configurations, the simplicity of standalone mattresses might be preferable.

  • Minimal Disturbance – Some individuals are sensitive to even the slightest variation in mattress surfaces. If you prioritise a completely undisturbed sleep without any sensation of the seam or hinge, separate mattresses eliminate this concern.

  • Distinct Comfort Preferences – Couples with significantly different comfort preferences might find it more comfortable to have separate mattresses. This ensures each person can choose a mattress that suits their individual needs without the neighbouring mattress pulling it down under compression.

  • Ease of Movement – For those who prefer to rearrange their bedroom frequently or move mattresses between rooms, standalone mattresses are easier to handle. They can be lifted and relocated without the need to zip or unzip sections.

Remember, the decision to opt for a linked hinge or separate mattresses depends on your specific lifestyle, preferences, and the level of flexibility you desire. Assess your sleeping arrangements, personal comfort priorities, and the practicality of linked versus standalone mattresses to make the best choice for your needs.


  • Can I retrospectively add a linked hinge to my existing mattress?

    Unfortunately not. Retroactively adding a linked hinge to an existing mattress is not feasible. The process requires specific manufacturing considerations and integration during production of the covers.

    If you desire the convenience of a linked mattress, please be sure to select this option at point of purchase.

  • Can I change the configuration of a zip link mattress after purchasing it?

    Yes, one of the primary advantages of a zip link mattress is its flexibility. You can easily change the configuration by zipping or unzipping the connected pieces.

  • Which linked hinge is more durable?

    Both zip link and fabric link hinges are widely comparable in terms of durability. However, an argument could be made in favour of the fabric link hinge for the potential of added durability. The fabric link hinge, having no moving parts, inherently provides an extra layer of resilience. This design may contribute to reduced wear and tear over time, making it a slightly more robust choice for those seeking long-term durability in their link hinged mattress.

  • Do linked mattresses have a gap in the middle?

    Zip link and fabric link mattresses aim to minimise the sensation of a gap. In an ideal setup, where all mattress pieces are tightly enclosed within a frame, the transition between sections should be relatively smooth. Nevertheless, it’s essential to acknowledge that a singular mattress will always offer a flawless finish that is hard to replicate with a linked hinge.


While both options present their unique advantages, it’s crucial to consider whether a linked hinge is truly necessary for your circumstances. For those with stable bed arrangements, a preference for undisturbed sleep, or specific mattress types that might not align seamlessly, standalone mattresses remain a practical choice.

For those that require a linked hinge, in the end, the decision between a zip link or a fabric link boils down to personal preference, comfort priorities, and the level of flexibility one desires. Whether you opt for the adaptability of linked mattresses or the simplicity of standalone ones, the goal is to create a sleep environment that perfectly aligns with your needs and preferences. Sweet dreams!

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