Guide to Cool Memory Foam Mattresses

A cool memory foam mattress allows us to stay cooler in the summer, whilst remaining comfortable in the winter thanks to its innovative technology. But what is it, how does it work, and why do you need one?

This guide explains how a cool memory foam mattress works, the benefits a cool memory foam mattress provides and also answers frequently asked cool memory foam questions.

What is cool memory foam?

Cool memory foam mattresses allow for a fresh night’s sleep throughout every season. Specially formulated memory foam technology keeps the sleeper comfy during warm summers and cold winters. In the summer, cool memory foam maintains a more comfortable temperature by allowing more excess body heat to escape, resulting in less excessive heat build up.

Our ComfiCel® Cool Memory Foam mattress adapt’s to the curves of your body for increased pressure relief whilst maintaing support which can be of benefit to bad back sufferers. The advanced technology also offers improved comfort as the comfort layer on top begins moulding to your sleep shape immediately, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep in all sleeping positions.

How does cool memory foam work?

Advanced open cell technology used in cool memory foam mattresses retains less excess heat than traditional memory foam, making it the perfect mattress for warmer summers and colder winters.

A cooler sleep often means a more comfortable sleep which can be linked to a longer, and healthier life. Combining cutting-edge technology and industry innovations, our cool memory foam mattress offers improved durability, a supportive base, better isolation of movement, pressure relief, and greater freedom to roll all for an improved night’s sleep.

Cool memory foam VS memory foam

Memory Foam and Cool Memory Foam share many similar properties meaning they are alike in many ways. However, the differences in each separate the mattresses.

  • Pressure relief

    Both memory foam and cool memory foam offer cloud-like support suitable for a range of sleepers. The mouldable material allows unique sleeping positions to be well supported.

    However, cool memory foam mattresses are quicker to respond to your body shape and mould to the contours of your body almost immediately, providing a more ‘personalised’ feel for a greater percetnage of the night.

  • Better weight distribution

    Memory foam and cool memory foam are designed to provide mouldable support to relieve pain in the back, neck, and joints. By eliminating mattress springs, memory foam distributes weight more evenly for a comfortable sleep.

    The ComfiCel® Cool Memory Foam mattress by Custom Size Beds also offers enhanced pressure relief for a better nights sleep.

  • Temperature

    Open cell technology allows the cool memory foam to retain less heat than traditional memory foam providing the sleeper with a cooler sleep. Cool memory foam is ideal for those who seek a cooler night and often experience warmer sleep.

    We’re often asked if cool memory foam feels cold in the winter. Whilst it retains less excess heat than regular memory foam, it still remains perfectly cosy in the winter.

  • Faster to bounce back

    Cool memory foam tends to bounce back to its original shape faster than lesser quality memory foams. The foam starts to reshape as soon as your body leaves the mattress to restore its original shape.

    Traditional memory foam reacts more heavily to changes in temperature which makes it slower to bounce back and readapt after you roll over.

  • Price

    The benefits that come alongside a cool memory foam mattress often come at a higher price than traditional memory foam mattresses. Cost can be a significant factor to consider when making a mattress purchase so be sure to make an informed decision.

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FAQ’s about cool memory foam

  • Are there cool memory foam mattresses?

    Cool memory foam mattresses exist and aim to keep sleepers cool at night. Advanced open cell technology allows cool memory foam mattresses to retain less heat for a cooler, drier sleep.

  • Does cool memory foam make you cold?

    The cool memory foam technology allows sleepers to stay cooler during hotter temperatures, whilst remaining perfectly cosy in the winter. Cool memory foam is ideal for a cooler sleep but keeps a reasonable temperature when temperatures drop.

  • What mattress keeps you cool at night?

    Cooling technology in cool memory foam helps to keep sleepers cool at night. By retaining less heat than traditional memory foam mattresses, cool memory foam works to provide a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

  • Is memory foam good for hot sleepers?

    Traditional memory foam can retain retain alot of excess heat creating a warm sleeping environment. Advanced cool memory foam is ideal for warmer sleepers as it features advanced open cell technology allowing for a cooler sleep.

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