How to choose a new mattress

Losing sleep over which new mattress to buy? Look no further as we are going to explain what to look for when making your important purchase.

In this article we will cover:

High-quality beds are crucial if you want a good night’s sleep. There are aspects such as size, firmness and material that can affect your quality of sleep which is why it’s important to know your options before making your investment. Here at Custom Size Beds, we are experts in bespoke mattresses that provide a truly blissful sleep. We cut mattresses to ANY shape, size or thickness you can think of and offer a variety of options to suit your particular needs. Visit our Design a Mattress page to start your journey to a better night’s sleep.

Do I need a new mattress?

The first thing you should ensure is that you indeed need a new mattress. There are some quick and easy ways to check if your current mattress is no longer effective and needs replacing.

First of all, if you are getting poor sleep most nights and wake up feeling sore, that is a big indicator that your mattress isn’t at optimal quality. Another big issue is a lack of support which can lead to back pain that is worsened in the morning and can make you feel stiff. Other important things to note are if your allergies worsen during the night or if you notice bumps and dips in your mattress.

We don’t want those things in our mattress which is why if you feel like your mattress is causing you problems then it’s smart to replace it as soon as possible. You can also find out useful information about how often you should replace your mattress.

What to look for in a new mattress

So, what makes a good mattress? Well, it shouldn’t just be whichever has the highest price tag, but one that suits your personal needs. Here are a few points to consider when looking for a good-quality mattress.

  • Personal preference is very important when selecting a new mattress as everyone has their own way of sleeping. Always opt for the firmness rating your body agrees with – If you’re unsure, follow your gut instinct. Maybe you’re someone that likes plenty of support in which case a firmer feel may be better suited. Alternatively, you might prefer a mattress with a little more ‘give’ and may prefer something with a medium feel. If your choice isn’t obvious and you need further assistance give our team of experts a call on 01634 926123 for tailored advice.

  • Overall thickness can have an impact on the amount of support and comfort you’ll get from your mattress. As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the better with 20cm being the recommended total depth.

  • Consider whether or not the mattress will comfortably support your body weight. Each manufacturer has their own weight allowances, however with our mattresses the standard Medium & Medium / Firm models will support up to 15 stone, whilst our upgraded Firmer Feel will support up to 20 stone. If you weigh 20 stone+ please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Make sure your new mattress comes from a reputable company and is backed with a manufacturer’s warranty. A mattress is a considerable investment and should it develop a fault you want to know the issue is going to be resolved properly. have been trading since 2013 and our range of mattresses come with a 5 year warranty!

  • Get expert advice from a real person! The internet is a great tool to learn all about your new mattress, but all the reading in the world won’t match the level of personalised information we can give over the phone. So contact us today to speak with one of our experts

These factors are vital for proving a great night’s sleep and purchasing a new mattress that ticks all those boxes is best practice. Many of our customers find that a firmer and more supportive mattress can help to reduce back pain, you can find out more about our extensive testimonials and see why we’re the best choice.

Which firmness is best for me?

We have covered why firmness is important but which firmness level is best for you? There are a variety of firmness options that we have available here at Custom Size Beds, ranging from medium, medium/firm and firm.

  • A good mattress should feel natural when you sleep on it which is why opting for the firm orthopaedic option is often a popular choice. The firmer option helps your spine align more naturally and relieve pressure.

  • For those who prefer a mattress with a little more ‘give’ then opting for one of our standard Medium or Medium / Firm mattresses is likely to be a safer option. These models will compress more when weight is applied, therefore giving a ‘softer’ more forgiving feel. If you weigh 15 stone or less and are unsure on which option to go for, we would normally recommend playing it safe and going with the standard firmness rating.

  • The thickness of a mattress can alter the quality of sleep and can be altered to fit your sizing needs. Having a thicker mattress provides extra comfort and so we always recommend a standard depth of 20cm / 8 inches.

  • Here at Custom Size Beds, we proudly offer made to measure mattresses cut to any shape, size or thickness so you can finally have a mattress perfect for your needs.

Which type of mattress is right for me?

The quality of the materials used in your new mattress will have a massive impact on it’s performance.

Some low cost manufacturers will lead you to believe that “memory foam” is all the same so you don’t shop around and think you’re getting a great deal. Don’t be fooled though! Memory foam is not always the same and whilst two seemingly identical products may have the same name, they will often provide vastly different performance.

With so many different qualities, densities and ratios being used in what are all labelled “memory foam mattresses” it’s easy to see why the bargain memory foam mattress you found online isn’t quite the bargain you first thought it was.

With the amount of jargon and smoke and mirrors being used these days, it’s important you go with a manufacturer who keeps things simple and offers transparency. At Custom Size Beds we work hard to keep our product range simple and concise – Why offer 20 variations of the same product, when you can offer the best in its class for each variation?

We offer 3 distinctively different models, all of which come backed by a 5 year warranty:

  • Premium Memory Foam Mattress Our high quality memory foam mattress reacts to the temperature of your body. As the mattress warms up, it moulds and adapts to your unique body shape, and when it cools down it bounces back to its original shape. In turn this helps to distribute your body weight evenly and relieve pressure points

  • ComfiCel® Gel Foam Mattress Gel Foam is effectively a more advanced version of memory foam. Instead of reacting to body temperature, it reacts to body pressure allowing it to respond to the curves of your body much faster. This provides better freedom to move and roll around during the night.

  • ComfiCel® Cool Memory Foam This is our all singing, all dancing model, offering the ultimate in performance. Cool Memory Foam boasts the same great advantages of Gel Foam, whilst retaining significantly less body heat. This means it maintains a more neutral temperature year through, so whether it’s the middle of winter or the height of summer, you sleep at a more comfortable temperature. Cool Memory Foam also offers enhanced pressure relief and is undoubtedly the most luxurious from our range.

  • Memory Foam

    ComfiCel Gel

    ComfiCel Cool

    premium memory foam mattress gel foam mattress cool memory foam mattress
    5 year warranty
    Suitable for daily use
    Removable cover
    Reduces pressure points
    Supportive base layer
    ComfiCel technology
    Faster to respond
    Sleeps cooler
    Enhanced pressure relief


Overall, it can be difficult knowing how to choose a mattress and it can often simply come down to personal preference. But you can never go wrong with designing your very own mattress at Custom Size Beds. You can rest assured that you’ll have full control over what kind of mattress you want so you can finally have that perfect night’s sleep.

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