Is my bed base suitable?

Most mattresses can be used in combination with a range of bed bases. But with divan bases, slat bases, wooden bases, metal bases, and spring bases to choose from, how do you know your bed base is suitable?

This guide will cover everything you need to know to choose the best bed base.

Types of bed bases

There are many types of bed bases available to choose from. Each comes with different storage options, price points, quality, and a unique list of pros and cons.

  • Divan

    Divan beds have a solid flat base that remains at one level. For space-saving and practical storage solutions, divan bed bases feature built-in drawers. This type of bed base offers plenty of storage space underneath the mattress so no space goes to waste.

    Additionally, the solid base makes your mattress feel firmer as there is no ‘bounce’. Divan bases are also lighter and easier to transport than other bed frames, making them quick to assemble.

  • Wood

    Wooden bed bases are durable, strong, and robust while having an aesthetic edge over other manufacturing materials. Wood has long been a popular choice for furniture buyers and wooden bed bases have stood the test of time.

    Wooden bed bases’ benefits include great stability, reliability, and versatility. Wooden bases allow for a comfortable and cool night’s sleep.

  • Metal

    Metal beds have many advantages. They require little to no maintenance, are easy to clean, and can last for up to twenty years, making them an excellent investment. Modern metal bed frames are available in a range of designs, models, and coloured finishes for seamless integration into your home.

  • Slats

    Slats are a series of wooden planks or metal bars that lie across the width of the bed base. Slatted beds offer great back support as the slats adapt to the weight placed upon them. Rigid and flexible bed slats are available. Rigid slats offer a firm sleep while flexible slats provide cushioned support.

  • Sprung top bases

    Sprung bed bases may seem like a smart choice, but they come with their fair share of drawbacks. Mattresses are generally crafted with the assumption they’ll be used in conjunction with a solid surface, maximising their performance and support. The flexibility of sprung bases can undermine the intended support of the mattress, potentially leading to discomfort and a shortened lifespan. In contrast, solid or slatted bases provide a sturdier foundation, ensuring a more consistent and reliable sleep experience. With this in mind, when it comes to choosing a base, it’s always best to opt for the reliability of a solid or slatted base.

Bed base comparison

Now that we’ve covered the types of bed bases, you’re probably wondering what’s the difference, and which is the best type of bed base. Below is a simple bed base comparison.

  • Solid vs Slats

    Solid bed boards offer an even and consistent level of support across the span of the mattress, providing unrivalled support. However, these bases have less airflow, making them less ideal for spaces that are prone to condensation or moisture. To address this issue, some solid bases have small air holes drilled into them to improve airflow. Solid bed boards are commonly used in the construction of divan bases.

    On the other hand, slats are much more common than solid bed boards as they offer greater levels of airflow. It’s crucial to ensure that the gap between each slat does not exceed 5cm or 2 inches. If the gap is larger than 5cm, the mattress may start to drop and sag between the gaps, which can lead to discomfort and reduced support. If the gap between the slats is larger than 5cm, you may want to consider laying a thin board across the slats to help evenly spread the load.

    In conclusion, choosing the right type of base is crucial in ensuring a comfortable and supportive sleep experience. While solid bed boards offer even and consistent support, they may not be ideal for spaces that are prone to moisture or condensation. On the other hand, slats are more common and offer greater levels of airflow, but it’s important to ensure there’s a correct size gap between each slat to avoid mattress sagging. Ultimately, considering the pros and cons of each type of base and evaluating personal preferences and needs can help in making an informed decision when choosing the ideal base for your bed.

What size mattress does my bed base need?

When taking measurements, you can measure your bed frame or existing mattress. For the very best results however, we recommend measuring the bed frame in line with the guidance offered below:

  • Is your mattress enclosed?

    If your mattress sits inside a frame or in-between walls, we recommend ordering a width and length 2cm smaller than the space it fits in. This gives a 1cm gap all the way round, perfect for tucking in sheets with ease! This will also help to improve airflow around the mattress.

  • Does your mattress sit freely on top of a base?

    If your mattress isn’t enclosed (such as a divan bed), then there’s no need to make any reductions to your measurements and you will get the best finish by going with exact dimensions.

FAQ’s about bed bases

  • What are the benefits of a divan bed?

    Divan bed bases are a great choice for people with limited space. They are solid and level to provide evenly distributed sleep. Divan beds often include drawers or under-mattress storage to make sure no space under the bed is wasted.

  • Do slats make a bed more comfortable?

    Due to their flexibility, sprung slats provide added comfort and cushioning. The slightly curved shape has ‘bounce’ which offers extra spring to the mattress. These slats are suitable for those who require a comfortable and cushioned night’s sleep.

  • Do divan beds make rooms look smaller?

    Divan beds are a great solution for small rooms or rooms with limited space. Thanks to under-mattress drawers, divan beds feature hidden storage solutions, allowing you to store bedding and other belongings under the bed, and free up space in the rest of the room. You can use this to help make your room look bigger.

  • Are solid slats good?

    Solid slats are ideal for those who wish for a firm, solid sleep experience. They are a great option for a firmer bed with maximum support.

Choosing the perfect bed base

It is important that you choose the perfect bed base for you based on your sleeping and bed requirements. At Custom Size Beds, you can design a custom bed frame to make sure that everything is suited and built especially for you. Our beds can be made in any shape and size, allowing you to make the most of every space.

For more information about bed bases, speak to an expert at Custom Size Beds today.

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