Made To Measure Mattresses

– Cut to any shape or size!

Whether you need a hull shaped mattress for a boat, a mattress with a corner cut off for your caravan, or even a circular mattress for a custom bed frame, we can deliver what you need! At Custom Size Beds we specialise in bespoke mattresses customised to any shape or size required. When given clear and logical measurements, no design is too complicated for our team. With our made to measure mattress service, you can design your own custom size mattress, fit for all your sleeping needs! Explore our range of bespoke foam mattresses below.


Made To Measure mattresses cut to custom sizes

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Bespoke mattresses cut to custom sizes

Bespoke Custom Size Foam Mattresses

– If you can draw it, we can make it!

Whether you own a motorhome, compact caravan, camper van mattress, antique bed frame or even a boat, you’ll appreciate that replacement mattress options are not easy to get hold of. Odd shape bed frames and limited space often means that standard “off the shelf” mattresses will not suffice. This leaves only one option, a bespoke made to measure mattress that will fit your exact needs. At Custom Size Beds, we can manufacture a selection of mattresses to any shape and size, depending on your requirements. If you can draw it, we can make it!

Our fast and affordable service has earned us a great reputation. It has never been easier to get a custom made mattress! Simply send us an email with your requirements attached and we will get back to you with a quote for your bespoke mattress.


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Custom size foam mattresses to fit any bed

– That’s right, any bed!

Do you own a bed frame with unique measurements? Our bespoke mattress service caters for any combination of shape and size beds. Your new mattress will be made to measure, so you never have to worry about it not fitting or damaging your bed frame!

Has your caravan mattress seen better days? Is the mattress in your motorhome causing you lack of sleep? Are the sleeping quarters aboard your boat causing you nightmares? Mattresses have a life expectancy of up to 8 years but wear and tear can significantly reduce this number. If your mattress is damaged, it could be causing you back pain and restless sleep. Our luxury made to measure mattresses greatly improve the quality of your sleep and can help reduce back pain.
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Made To Measure Mattresses curved shape edge corner

A rectangular custom size memory foam mattress (85cm x 195cm) cut and shaped to fit into a custom size single bed.

irregular size mattress

After purchasing a second hand caravan the mattress needed to be replaced with a new bespoke made to measure mattress.

made to measure odd size mattress

This bed frame was an odd shape and required a special size mattress with diagonal corners to be cut out in at the headboard.

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    cut to size mattresses

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