Campervan Mattresses Made To Measure

Buying a campervan can be a superb investment for the whole family. However, many forget the need to replace campervan mattresses and bedding when buying second hand or when converting a regular van into a camper. Perhaps your existing mattress is looking worse for wear after years of memories and substantial travel. Wear and tear can lead to sagging mattresses, staining and damp, all of which can get in the way of a good nights sleep. We produce replacement camper van mattresses in bespoke sizes, suited to fit your make, model and van layout. Available in any size, our mattresses are designed to fit into even the snuggest of campervan bed designs.
“Ordered on Wednesday and delivered on Friday. That’s what I call service. The measurements were spot on”
Mike Moorse
“A quick message to say that the mattress is excellent as was the whole service- helpful, simple and efficient”
Annie Freud
“It made our return journey back to Spain a lot more comfortable and relaxing! Money well spent – thank you!”
David Wood
“First chance to try the new mattress, what a difference! Super comfy and two great nights sleep. Thank you”
Des Davis
“The mattress fits well, its comfortable, keeps us cool while we sleep and no roll together. Just as advertised”
Tracey Rowbottom
“Very happy with the result, its comfortable and exactly as ordered. Could not be happier with the product”
Kyla Egan
“Contacted Custom Size Beds, gave them the measurements, and within days received a perfect fit mattress”
Paul Parton
“The cool memory foam is excellent with no overheating in the summer even when temperature is over 30°C”
Adrian Addison
“I got the extra firm Cool mattress. It’s firm, but not too hard and super comfy. My back problems are gone!”
Jennifer Volk

a replacement island shape memory foam mattress for caravans

Cut and shaped to fit perfectly into these Flarespace van side flares, no sleeping space is wasted in this campervan

single camper van mattress custom made to fit

An irregular sized double camper mattress can be ordered and installed with ease using our simple to use website.

Custom made van mattress with diagonal corner cut away

No matter how complicated the shape of your campervan bed, Custom Size Beds can provide a comfortable solution.

Campervan bed made to measure

How to design and order your new campervan bed mattress

Ordering a replacement camper mattress is simple and easy. Follow our 3 step process and you’ll be enjoying a comfortable slumber on every campervan adventure.

1. If you’re ordering a custom campervan mattress, start by taking measurements of your mattress.
2. With these dimensions, place your order through our website.
3. Once we’ve received your order we’ll email over a scale production plan so you can check and plan for any last minute changes to ensure your mattress is perfect for your campervan bed design.


Campervan foam mattresses – Just as good as your bed at home

Having a basic, ‘leisure grade’ mattress isn’t enough when you travel. Having a campervan doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the quality of your sleep. Made from the best materials we can source, our campervan mattresses are cut from domestic quality materials that will provide a restful night’s sleep for each and every use, for a healthier and happier lifestyle on the road. You can have all your home comforts, with customers comparing our beds to their favourite mattress at home! Receiving both comfort and support with a dual layer of construction, your aches and pains will be reduced. We can even offer custom size fitted sheets to fit your new campervan bed mattress. Finally, a campervan mattress you’ll enjoy sleeping on as much as your bed at home! We also offer made to measure caravan mattresses motorhome mattresses and boat mattresses. So you can enjoy a peaceful nights sleep wherever you are!

bespoke mattress for the bed in a touring camper van


1,000’s of happy customers

A quick message to say that the mattress is excellent as was the whole service- helpful, simple and efficient

Annie Freud

It made our return journey back to Spain a lot more comfortable and relaxing! Money well spent – thank you!

David Wood

First chance to try the new mattress, what a difference! Super comfy and two great nights sleep. Thank you

Des Davis

The mattress fits well, is very comfortable, keeps us cool while we sleep, with no roll together. Just as advertised.

Tracey Rowbottom

Just had first sleep on our excellent new mattress. Delighted not to have a sore back this morning!

Peter Garrow

Very happy with result, it is comfortable and exactly as described and as ordered. Couldn’t be happier with the product.

Kyla Egan

Contacted Custom Size Beds, gave them the measurements, and within days received a perfect fit Gel foam mattress.

Paul Parton

It fits perfectly and is extremely comfortable, my only regret is we should have ordered one years ago!

Jo Eastwood

The cool memory foam is excellent with no overheating in summer even when temperatures are over 30°C

Adrian Addison

Ordered on Wednesday and delivered on Friday. That’s what I call service. And the measurements were spot on

Mike Moorse

The quality is spot on and it fits like a glove. Would not hesitate in dealing with this company again.

Pat Harvey

Amazing service. Mattress fits perfectly and is super comfy – had the best nights sleep in a long time.

Broghan Nelson

I got the ComfiCel Cool mattress with extra firmness. It’s firm, but not hard and is super comfy. My back problems are gone!

Jennifer Volk

Great customer service and the mattress was delivered very quickly. It fitted into our motorhome perfectly

Hazel Brend

This is an excellent company, first class advice and no fuss delivery all at a very reasonable price.

Carolyn Blackham
South Yorkshire

I cannot fault the product or the service I received from Custom Sized Beds! The new mattress is a perfect fit

Pete Jones
West Midlands

Our mattress was delivered in a matter of days. Its so comfortable, we would recommend this company to anyone

Steve French

I ordered this for a custom made bed deck for my son. It arrived when they said and its super comfortable


Every member of the team that I spoke to at Custom Beds was really helpful. Its such an efficient system

Caroline Sale

I cannot state how great this company is, from start to finish they gave me exactly what I wanted.

Jan Coles

All in all a great service and a fantastic item supplied by nice people at a reasonable price.

Milton Keynes
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Reasons to ditch springs

We’re experts when it comes to campervan mattresses, so we’re always asked what’s best, new age memory foam, or traditional springs? Given the huge advances achieved with foam technology over the past decade, it’s no surprise that we’d always pick a memory foam camper mattress. Sprung mattresses can lose up to 16% of their support in the 1st year alone, not to mention that each spring pushes back into your body with equal force meaning pressure points are inevitable. A quality memory foam campervan mattress on the other hand distributes body weight evenly and reduces pressure by up to 80%. Memory foam also offers no motion transfer or partner roll together helping you get a better nights sleep.

When it comes to custom sizes for your camper van mattress, memory foam comes out on top as the best mattress for campers again, with springs becoming somewhat problematic. You can’t have half a spring, so the size of your mattress has to be made in increments based on the size of each spring – not to mention that the added complexity results in higher production costs. Memory foam on the other hand can be cut to any size, and a simpler production process gives better value for money. Making camper foam mattresses the best choice for both comfort and practicality.

Memory Foam Mattress For camper vans campervan

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    Custom mattresses for campervans

    Well respected in the industry for creating premium quality campervan mattresses, we are industry leaders when it comes to creating custom odd size mattresses to fit any space. Finding the perfect size mattress is now hassle-free, with mattresses custom made to suit your preferences. Vans come in various shapes and sizes, which is why you need a mattress to match. Get the perfect fit made with you in mind.

    We seek to deliver 100% satisfaction when it comes to our products and we won’t be beaten on price. Our friendly and approachable sales team work tirelessly to ensure your mattress is the perfect fit for your space. We also offer the opportunity for you to make last minute changes, as we offer you the opportunity to review a scale diagram of your new campervan bed before it arrives.

    State of the art computer controlled production makes our mattress cutting process more accurate and efficient. It allows for a quick turnaround from order to delivery. Once complete, we work with next day couriers that get your mattress to your door faster than any other company. We’ll talk through your available delivery days to make sure you’re ready to receive your brand new campervan bed.

    If you can draw it, we can make it! If you’re unable to draw it for us, you can send a full-size cutout of the measurements you need and we can work from there. Our service is ideal for those searching for difficult to source mattresses to fit into awkward spaces i.e. mattresses with diagonal corners cut away as well as mattresses with rounded corners. We also produce mattresses with splits and folds for those who need to access storage space located underneath the campervan bed frame.

    Campervans aren’t the largest of spaces, which is why it can be difficult to negotiate bigger objects into position. A campervan mattress is no different. All our mattresses come vacuum packed and covered to ensure their protection en-route to you and ease of installation. Simply unpack, and it will unroll. Wait 5-6 hours and your mattress will be ready for the perfect night’s sleep on your new campervan bed! It’s as easy as that!