We make Coachman Caravan Mattresses!

If you’re looking for a Coachman caravan mattress, the journey to a great night’s sleep starts here. At Custom Size Beds, we manufacture mattresses to fit any model or year of Coachman caravan so whatever you’re looking for we’ve got a mattress for you. If you’re looking for something extra special, our made to measure coachman caravans mattresses can be customised to any shape, size, thickness or firmness rating you can think of. You’ll especially love our mattresses if you want to match the same level of comfort you’re used to at home when travelling in your Coachman caravan!


Coachman caravan mattresses

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Coachman caravan mattresses sizes

Ordering a Coachman caravan mattress is easy!

Ordering a Coachman caravan mattress couldn’t be easier. Simply click the button below to view the most popular Coachman mattresses and select a shape. Next you’ll be asked for your size and it’s as simple as that, you can view your quotes instantly.

Once you’ve placed an order, we’ll send you a pre-production plan for extra peace of mind allowing you to check and double check all your sizes one last time. Our “measure twice and cut once” approach helps ensure you achieve a perfect fit each and every time. If measurements aren’t your thing, we’re more than happy to work off a life-size template.


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Cochman caravan mattresses as good as your bed at home

When making Coachman caravan mattresses, we don’t believe in compromise. Whether making a mattress for your everyday bed at home, or a mattress for your coachman caravan we always use the same materials. Whilst this might seem obvious, many manufacturers will treat your coachman mattress as an ‘occasional use’ bed and scrimp on quality accordingly. We believe, whether a mattress is being used once a year or once a day, quality should come as standard! Our comfortable mattresses are tailor made to suit the full range of Coachman caravans including:
› Coachman Acadia› Coachman Amara
› Coachman Pastiche› Coachman Laser
› Coachman LussoCoachman VIP

So whether you’re going away for weeks at a time, or just for the weekend, you can be sure you’ll get the best possible nights sleep with one of our Coachman mattresses.

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Island mattress

We make mattresses for Coachman caravans with island beds, whether they be rear or transverse mattresses

French bed mattress

Many Coachman caravans require a french mattress with either the nearside or offside corner cut away

Short Mattresses

Even if your Coachman caravan mattress has smaller than normal dimensions we can help

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    About Coachman caravans

    As one of the most successful independent caravan manufacturers in the UK, Coachman caravans has spent over 35 years perfecting their craft and have released some of the most popular caravans across all parts of the market. From the top tier VIP range to their more affordable offerings such as the Amara, Coachman have always prioritised quality over compromise and that’s what’s helped keep them as one of the leading names in caravanning. With the amount of different caravans they’ve made over the years, Coachman mattresses can come in all different shapes and sizes, and with the popularity of fixed bed layouts over the last years the majority of them will need some sort of odd size mattress to fit.

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