Compass caravan and motorhome mattresses

Compass caravans and motorhomes have had quite the journey since their humble beginnings back in 1979. While their presence in the leisure vehicle industry throughout the eighties and nineties made a name for themselves, their adoption into the Explorer Group in 1999 eventually led to the group ceasing production of the brand and operating under the Elddis moniker. The brand’s welcome return came just four years later and has been flourishing ever since. With such a long and storied history, you can imagine that there must be hundreds of different types of Compass caravan and motorhome mattress, and you’d be right! Fortunately we can make our high-quality memory foam mattresses to any shape and size and they’re all domestic grade, meaning you can take the quality of a home mattress wherever you go!

Compass fixed french mattress with diagonal corner cut away
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The best Compass caravan and motorhome mattresses

Our Compass caravan and motorhome mattresses put you in the driving seat, allowing you to customise your comfort level for a restful sleep tailored to you. Unlike most aftermarket options, our Compass mattresses can withstand daily use ensuring you get the best nights sleep on longer expeditions. Crafted with high-quality materials, our Compass caravan and motorhome mattresses help to replicate the feel of your bed at home. Elevate your travel adventures with the perfect blend of luxury and durability. Sleep soundly wherever your Compass caravan or motorhome leads you.

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Our Compass caravan & motorhome mattresses can be made to literally ANY shape or size! No matter the make and model of Compass, we’ll make a mattress to fit

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Start by selecting the shape that shows the closest match to your requirements – you’ll be able to customise this later. If you can’t find your shape or need something entirely different, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Step 1) Select the shape you wish to customise
Basic shapes
Shaped mattresses
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Split mattresses
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Mattresses for any model of Compass caravan or motorhome

When we say we can make our mattresses to any shape and size, we mean it! We’ve had years of experience honing our craft and making sure that our high quality foam mattresses are not just comfortable, but can slot right into whatever sort of bed space you have. Maybe your Compass caravan or motorhome has an island bed with an over-cab bed at the front? Maybe you have one where you need a corner cutting off at the bottom? Maybe you’ve decided on an entirely new design that no-one has ever seen before? Whatever your requirements, we can make a mattress for your Compass caravan or motorhome. A list of Compass vehicles can be found below:

  • Compass Avantgarde
  • Compass Aztec
  • Compass Calypso
  • Compass Camino
  • Compass Capiro
  • Compass Casita
  • Compass Castaway
  • Compass Concerto
  • Compass Cookstown Connoisseur
  • Compass Corona
  • Compass Cruiser
  • Compass Kimberley Kensington
  • Compass Navigator
  • Compass Omega
  • Compass Rallye
  • & many more…

Whatever type of compass mattress you’re looking for, we’re here to help you wake up feeling ready to make the most of your trip in your compass motorhome or caravan!

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Compass motorhome island bed mattress

We make island mattresses for models such as the Compass Avantgarde 150, Capiro 550, Casita 550 or any other model of Compass with an island bed!

Compass motorhome mattress

For those with single beds, we also make rectangular mattresses for models such as the Compass Capiro 574 motorhome and the Rallye 574 caravan.

Compass caravan french bed mattress with diagonal corner cut away

Our French offside and nearside Compass mattresses are perfect for fixed bed models such as the Casita 868 caravan, Avantgarde 155 motorhome or any other Compass with a french bed.

You’ll love what we can do in the bedroom!

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Experts in Compass caravan & motorhome mattresses

You might be thinking that measuring for a Compass caravan or motorhome mattress could be really quite a difficult task, but in reality it couldn’t be any easier! All we need to get started is a rough drawing of the shape of the mattress with the total width and length and we can get some quotes for you. Once you’ve placed your order, our design team will be in touch to request any other additional measurements that we need and then generate a final production plan of your new Compass mattress for you to double check before we get started (excludes rectangular mattresses). If it’s a particularly tricky shape, then knock up a lifesize template and send it over to us, and we’ll use that!

Memory Foam Mattress For Compass caravans & motorhomes