Replacement Caravan Mattresses

Custom Size Beds understands that whether you own a touring caravan, static caravan, or chalet, your caravan is your home away from home. Whether you are staying just one night or a whole month, we want to ensure that every busy day is followed by a great night’s sleep. The journey to a great sleep begins on a comfortable and carefully crafted mattress. Sleeping on a caravan mattress should not be a reason to compromise on the quality of your sleep. Custom Size Beds offer the perfect solution for those with a caravan looking to improve their quality of sleep. Whether you need a standard double mattress for your caravan or an expertly corner cut custom mattress or even an entirely bespoke odd size mattress – see our full range to see how our made to measure mattresses can be made to your exact requirements.
“Ordered on Wednesday and delivered on Friday. That’s what I call service. The measurements were spot on”
Mike Moorse
“A quick message to say that the mattress is excellent as was the whole service- helpful, simple and efficient”
Annie Freud
“It made our return journey back to Spain a lot more comfortable and relaxing! Money well spent – thank you!”
David Wood
“First chance to try the new mattress, what a difference! Super comfy and two great nights sleep. Thank you”
Des Davis
“The mattress fits well, its comfortable, keeps us cool while we sleep and no roll together. Just as advertised”
Tracey Rowbottom
“Very happy with the result, its comfortable and exactly as ordered. Could not be happier with the product”
Kyla Egan
“Contacted Custom Size Beds, gave them the measurements, and within days received a perfect fit mattress”
Paul Parton
“The cool memory foam is excellent with no overheating in the summer even when temperature is over 30°C”
Adrian Addison
“I got the extra firm Cool mattress. It’s firm, but not too hard and super comfy. My back problems are gone!”
Jennifer Volk
Caravan Mattress made to measure

We cut caravan mattresses to ANY shape or size!

Ordering a replacement touring caravan mattress is simple, if you can draw it, we’ll make it. Simply send us your dimensions and we send through a computer generated production plan of your new bespoke mattress, allowing you to check everything before production begins. Your dimensions are then programmed into our computer controlled foam cutter to ensure a clean and accurate cut. This helps to ensure your new mattress fits like a glove when you fit it in the caravan. If it cant be drawn accurately, simply send us a life size template in the post and we’ll cut around it. We’ve provided caravan mattress replacements for all sorts of caravans, from major caravan brands such as Swift, Bailey and Elddis, through to mattresses for fully bespoke builds.


Choose your own comfort level


Memory Foam mattresses help to distribute body weight evenly whilst relieving pressure points to help ensure you get a better nights sleep

Handmade zip off cover
Dual layer construction
Pressure relieving top layer
Supportive base layer
5 year guarantee

ComfiCel® Gel Foam is extremely responsive and bounces back much faster than standard memory foam, allowing you to move more freely

Handmade zip off cover
Dual layer construction
Pressure relieving top layer
Supportive base layer
5 year guarantee
ComfiCel® comfort layer
Rebounds & recovers faster

ComfiCel® Cool Memory Foam bounces back faster than regular memory foam, retains less heat and maintains a more neutral temperature

Handmade zip off cover
Dual layer construction
Pressure relieving top layer
Supportive base layer
5 year guarantee
ComfiCel® comfort layer
Rebounds & recovers faster
Retains less body heat
Superior pressure relief
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As comfortable as your mattress at home

Unlike most standard caravan mattresses, we only use domestic quality materials in our mattresses. Gone are the sleepless nights spent on a basic ‘leisure grade’ mattress when you go away. Specially engineered high quality materials provide the highest levels of comfort putting most “regular” mattresses to shame. A combination of underlying sturdy support and a softer top layer work in harmony to provide pressure relief whilst combating aches and pains. We’ve worked hard to keep our range simple, yet clearly defined making your choice even easier. We can even offer custom size fitted sheets to fit your new caravan mattress. No longer does the mattress in your caravan need to be second best to your bed at home, domestic quality mattresses for your caravan have finally arrived! We also offer made to measure campervan mattresses,motorhome mattresses and boat mattresses. So you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, wherever you are!

bespoke mattress for the bed in a touring camper van
a replacement island shape memory foam mattress for caravans One of our made to measure touring caravan mattresses, made from our ComfiCel Cool Memory Foam, cut and shaped to fit the island shape bed frame.
single camper van mattress custom made to fit One of our luxurious Premium Memory Foam Mattresses cut to fit into the single bed in a Burstner Nexxo 660
Custom made caravan mattress with diagonal corner cut away Our production methods allow us to manufacturer any shape or size with ease, the perfect solution for any irregular or special size bed.

Reasons to ditch springs

Regardless of what type of caravan you have: touring, static, chalet, we can replace your current mattress with a custom memory foam mattress, regardless of the size or shape. Whether it is a short or long stay, our memory foam caravan mattresses will ensure it’s a comfortable and good night’s sleep. Your journey to a decent night’s rest begins with your mattress being at the right temperature, and being able to distribute your body weight evenly for that perfect balance in terms of your individual pressure points. You’ll find with traditional spring mattresses that they require replacement much sooner than our caravan memory foam mattresses, losing up to 16% of their support in the first year alone! They are also only available in incremental sizes due to the springs, and so this isn’t ideal when it comes to creating a bespoke mattress for caravans with fixed beds. Sprung mattresses tend to be a lot heavier and harder to move around, which is not ideal when in a caravan. Motion transfer within these mattresses also means you’ll have a very uneven sleep if sharing a bed. For these reasons, this is why we’ll always choose memory foam for our caravan mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattress For Caravan
Made to measure caravan mattresses
Custom Size Beds is a well respected custom caravan mattress manufacturer, recognised not only in the United Kingdom but also throughout Europe. We understand that finding a replacement caravan mattress for an irregular space can be difficult, which is why we provide a simple and comfortable solution to the problem that is odd size bed frames. Whether its for bunk beds, static / touring caravans or camper vans we can manufacturer corner cut mattresses, mattresses with with rounded edges, diagonal corners cut away or made to very specific dimensions – Custom Size Beds offers a simple and fast solution. With our custom products, be rest assured that every night spent on your caravan mattress is a restful one, allowing you to make the most of your caravanning trip.
We wont be beaten on service! Our knowledgeable and friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions or provide further information when it comes to made to measure caravan mattresses. Before production begins we will provide you with a scale diagram with shape and all measurements shown clearly for you to review. Providing that all measurements have been properly understood we will cut your caravan mattress to the exact shape and size discussed ensuring the best fit possible when it arrives.
The journey to a great nights sleep in your caravan begins on a quality mattress. With Custom Size Beds, there is no need to wake up sore and achy when you are enjoying the great outdoors. Our products are manufactured with only high quality materials. Whether you are looking for memory foam, or a hybrid foam you are in the right place. Each mattress is specially engineered to provided the support needed for a restful sleep, preparing you to cross rivers, climb mountains or just toast marshmallows by the campfire. Luxurious, well made and versatile, our mattresses for caravans simply provide weary travellers an unparalleled sleeping experience.
Our state of the art manufacturing methods ensure that our replacement caravan mattresses have the fastest turnaround times available. Once your required dimensions have been agreed, we program our computer controlled foam cutter to cut and shape your chosen foam to the perfect size. Once completed a luxurious quilted cover is fitted by hand and a zip is fitted so the cover can easily be removed. All completed mattresses are sent via a next day express courier to ensure the fastest delivery is achieved.
If you can draw your required shape and send us the measurements, we can make it! If you cant draw it, simply send us a fabric or paper full size cut out that can be used as a template. Our service is ideal for those searching for difficult to source mattresses such as island mattresses, mattresses with diagonal corners cut away as well as mattresses with rounded corners. We can also make mattresses with splits and folds for those who need to access storage space located underneath the bed frame.
We know it isn’t easy to install a replacement mattress in a caravan which is why we vacuum pack and roll all completed mattress prior to dispatch. Not only does this prevent your mattress getting damaged in transit, but it also makes installation incredibly easy. Carry the compact roll through the narrow door and round the corner and lay it on the bed frame. Now carefully cut the plastic bag open and watch the mattress unroll and expand into position! Leave the mattress in place for around 5-6 hours and your ready to spend your first night on your new caravan mattress – If only everything was this easy!