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Custom Size Beds understands that whether you own a touring caravan, static caravan, or chalet, your caravan is your home away from home. Whether you are staying just one night or a whole month, we want to ensure that every busy day is followed by a great night’s sleep. The journey to a great sleep begins on a comfortable and carefully crafted mattress. Sleeping on a caravan mattress should not be a reason to compromise on the quality of your sleep. Custom Size Beds offer the perfect solution for those with a caravan looking to improve their quality of sleep. Whether you need a standard double mattress for your caravan or an expertly corner cut custom mattress or even an entirely bespoke odd size mattress – see our full range to see how our made to measure mattresses can be made to your exact requirements.

Caravan Mattresses with corners cut away
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We cut caravan mattresses to ANY shape or size!

Ordering a replacement touring caravan mattress is simple, if you can draw it, we’ll make it. Simply send us your dimensions and we send through a computer generated production plan of your new bespoke mattress, allowing you to check everything before production begins. Your dimensions are then programmed into our computer controlled foam cutter to ensure a clean and accurate cut. This helps to ensure your new mattress fits like a glove when you fit it in the caravan. If it cant be drawn accurately, simply send us a life size template in the post and we’ll cut around it.

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Our caravan mattresses can be made to literally ANY shape or size! No matter the make and model of caravan, we’ll make a mattress to fit

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What our customers are saying

“Ordered a new mattress for our caravan and couldn’t be happier! They double checked our measurements before starting the mattress and were really helpful and friendly.”

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“I absolutely love the mattress I had made for my caravan. It’s so comfortable, I don’t want to get up in the mornings now. Would recommend to anyone, I’m really pleased.”

Janet Ward

Start by selecting the shape that shows the closest match to your requirements – you’ll be able to customise this later. If you can’t find your shape or need something entirely different, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Step 1) Select the shape you wish to customise
Basic shapes
Shaped mattresses
You’ll select which side the shape is cut later
Split mattresses
You’ll select the position of the split later

Custom size mattresses for any makes and model of caravan

Unlike most standard caravan mattresses, we only use domestic quality materials in our mattresses. Gone are the sleepless nights spent on a basic ‘leisure grade’ mattress when you go away. Specially engineered high quality materials provide the highest levels of comfort putting most “regular” mattresses to shame. A combination of underlying sturdy support and a softer top layer work in harmony to provide pressure relief whilst combating aches and pains. We’ve worked hard to keep our range simple, yet clearly defined making your choice even easier. We can even offer custom size fitted sheets to fit your new caravan mattress. Our caravan mattresses can be made to fit any brand including (but not limited to):

No longer does the mattress in your caravan need to be second best to your bed at home. Domestic quality mattresses for your caravan have finally arrived allowing you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, wherever you are!

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a replacement island shape memory foam mattress for caravans

One of our made to measure touring caravan mattresses, made from our ComfiCel Cool Memory Foam, cut and shaped to fit the island shape bed frame.

single caravan mattress custom made to fit

One of our luxurious memory foam caravan mattresses cut to fit into the single bed in a Bailey Unicorn Cadiz

Custom made french bed caravan mattress with diagonal corner cut away

Our production methods allow us to manufacturer any shape or size with ease, the perfect solution for any irregular size bed frame.

You’ll love what we can do in the bedroom!

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We specialise in replacement caravan mattresses

Regardless of the type of caravan you have: touring, static, chalet, we can replace your current mattress with a custom memory foam mattress. Whether you need a french offside, nearside or even an island mattress, our memory foam caravan mattresses help you get a comfortable night’s sleep. Your journey to a decent night’s rest begins with your mattress being at the right temperature, and being able to distribute your body weight evenly for that perfect balance in terms of your individual pressure points. You’ll find traditional spring mattresses require replacement much sooner than our caravan memory foam mattresses. They’re typically also only available in incremental sizes due to the springs, which isn’t ideal when it comes to creating bespoke mattresses for caravans with fixed beds. Sprung mattresses tend to be a lot heavier, which isn’t ideal for caravan’s. Motion transfer within sprung mattresses also means you could have a very uneven sleep when sharing a bed. For these reasons, this is why we’ll always choose memory foam for our caravan mattresses.

Custom size static caravan mattresses

We also produce made to measure static caravan mattresses. Our custom size static caravan mattresses are designed to offer the best nights sleep in your home away from home. All our custom size caravan mattresses are tailored to fit your specific static caravan dimensions, ensuring the best possible fit.

Memory Foam Mattress For Caravan

FAQ’s about replacement caravan mattresses

With hundreds of different makes and models of caravan on the market, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to caravan mattresses. Whilst two caravan mattresses may look the same at first glance, when you get down to the nitty gritty of checking measurements you can nearly always guarantee slight variations.

For this reason, all of our caravan mattresses are made to order to ensure you always get the best possible fit, regardless of make / model / year. Whether you need a small single mattress to a Bailey Unicorn, a fixed double to fit a Bailey Pegasus or an island to fit into a Bailey Senator are here to help!

The size of our caravan mattresses are as unique as the person sleeping on them, so whatever you’re looking for, we can ensure the size of your caravan mattress fits like a glove. From the smallest Bailey Adventurer right up to the Swift Elegance Grande, our size of caravan mattresses covers them all!

The short answer is no! When designing a caravan, designers know the key to comfort is maximising the amount of living space available, and this results in the caravan mattress often being far from standard. Trying to fit a standard size mattress into a caravan is nothing short of a recipe for disaster – squeezing a 4FT6 mattress into a 4FT2 space is only going to damage a perfectly good mattress and give you a workout!

Some people will choose to cut down a standard mattresses to fit their caravan themselves, but this can cause damage to the integrity (and warranty) of the mattress and is never a sensible decision. caravan mattresses can be cut to any size, whether that’s standard size or custom so you can make the most of your living space

A foam topper can be a fantastic way to bring a new lease of life to your existing caravan mattress. A memory foam topper helps to provide additional pressure relief due to the unique way in which it moulds and adapts to your body shape – In turn this softens the mattress and alleviates pressure in your key areas.

However, this will only be beneficial in making your caravan mattress more comfortable if the existing mattress is too firm. If your caravan mattress is too soft, or lacks support a topper will only make matters worse and amplify the softness. In this scenario a replacement caravan mattress would be the only option. can manufacture both caravan mattress toppers and complete caravan mattresses, however we always recommend going for a complete mattress. The reason being, we can accurately predict how all layers in our mattresses will interact with one another, whereas laying a topper over an existing mattress we cannot.

We’re passionate about sleep so if you’re feeling that the time has come to replace your mattress, get in touch with us so we can help you decide on the best mattress for you!

You can certainly try, but you’ll be hard pushed to get it to fit. Expect either large gaps around the mattress, or to be left prizing the mattress in and out of the space with a crow bar!

Due to the vast range of different shapes and sizes found in caravans, all our mattresses are made to order and can be cut to any requirements you may have.

We do everything we can to ensure you get the perfect fit for any make or model of caravan so you haven’t got to worry about blindly ordering a mattress and hoping for the best. Get in touch with our experts to see what we can do for you.

Caravan mattresses come in such a wide range of different shapes and sizes, the cost of a new mattress for your caravan can vary in price depending on the requirements.

We offer 3 different levels of comfort and depending on your shape and size you can expect to be somewhere in the range shown below:

  • Memory Foam: £ £ (shape and size dependant)
  • Gel Foam: £ £ (shape and size dependant)
  • Cool Memory Foam: £ £ (shape and size dependant)
  • Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements and we will be happy to provide a definitive quote for your exact shape and size.

There’s not a single manufacturer who would recommend bending or folding a mattress as this can have a negative effect on the structural integrity of the caravan mattress.

At we understand a folding caravan mattress is sometimes essential to make the most the most of an awkward space and we’ve got you covered.

All of our mattresses can be made in two pieces and fixed together with a fabric or zip linked hinge to stop them from separating. This then allows you to flip the mattresses over on themselves or store as you see fit.

For the DIY enthusiasts out there, it’s certainly possible to cut your own caravan mattress by hand, but much like you wouldn’t perform complex surgery on yourself, some things are best left to the professionals!

The first consideration is if you choose to cut a caravan mattress down yourself, you’ll immediately invalidate any warranty offered on the mattress. In the event the internal fillings fail you won’t be covered so be sure to weigh up the potential cost of replacement VS making a warranty claim. All our range of bespoke caravan mattresses come with a 5 year warranty as standard for added peace of mind.

Next consideration is the quality and precision of the finish likely to be achieved when cutting a mattress by hand for the very first time. Hint: It’s extremely difficult so don’t be surprised if the fit and finish is sub-standard. Our production team on the other hand are experts in producing beautiful mattresses and use an array of specialist machinery to achieve a clean and accurate finish.

Once you’ve cut your mattress down to size, don’t forget you’ve still got the issue of a baggy cover which even the best of DIY upholsterers will struggle to re-size. All our mattresses come with hand crafted zip off covers as standard, perfect for easy removal should you ever make a mark or stain

And finally, modern life is already hectic enough. By the time you’ve purchased a donor mattress, cut it to size with a serrated blade from the kitchen, invalidated the warranty, bodged the cover and factored in the amount of time it’s taken, it’s easy to see why so many people order their replacement caravan mattresses from

A bespoke mattress costs less than you might think. Click here to get a quote for your unique project

Not unless you’ve specialist equipment and a whole bunch of elbow grease! The best way is to start with a quality mattress cover from day 1 which can be easily unzipped away from the caravan mattress, dry cleaned and then re-fitted to the mattress.

Traditionally this has been easier said than done when it comes to irregular size caravan mattresses, but all of mattresses come with a zip off cover fitted as standard helping you to keep your mattress staying fresh for longer.

Unless your mattress comes vacuum packed, negotiating a large mattress into a small caravan can be a real pain. It can also become a hassle transporting the mattress to the caravan if it’s stored elsewhere.

Fortunately, all of caravan mattresses come vacuum packed and rolled for easy transportation, and installation through a limited entry point such as a caravan door!

Many factory fitted caravan mattresses range between 10cm-20cm in depth, with 15cm being the most common thickness. When it comes to comfort however, the general rule of thumb is the thicker the better up to a maximum of 20cm. Anything above and beyond 20cm will only result in a heavier mattress with no noticeable difference in comfort.

With this in mind, where the space allows, we always recommend our customers order their replacement caravan mattresses with an optimal depth of 20cm. Whilst we can cut our mattresses thicker, we strongly believe it’s just not worth the extra money.

But what about thinner mattresses? We understand not everyone can accommodate a 20cm deep mattress so we cut our caravan mattresses to ANY thickness you require! If your mattress is 12cm or less we recommend you upgrade to our firmer more supportive base foam to provide an enhance level of support to make the most of the depth available

This is one of the most common questions we’re asked given our experience with caravan mattresses. In a sentence, foam mattresses win the argument every time!

In many cases a good quality sprung mattress can be remarkably heavy, far from perfect when you’re towing your caravan. In comparison foam mattresses often come in considerably lighter making them overall better suited to this application.

Aside from weight, comfort is another key consideration. Foam technology has come on leaps and bounds over the last decade, so much so that we’ve now stopped making sprung mattresses altogether!

Foam offers the same level of support as an equivalent sprung mattress, whilst offering both enhanced pressure relief and reduced motion transfer. Now you can finally sleep through your partner’s disturbances allowing them to roll around guilt free on a caravan mattress that isolates movement.

The final and most important point is, spring mattresses come with a lot of compromise when you start looking at odd shapes and sizes. Ever tried to cut a spring before? Sprung mattresses can only be made in increments of the width of each spring. This means settling on a size dictated by the size of the springs, as opposed to what is likely to fit the space best. To add insult to injury, the labour cost involved with manufacturing a bespoke sprung mattress can be significant. Foam on the other hand can be cut with ease to ANY width, length or thickness you desire giving you a better finish at a better price.

To conclude, we believe foam mattresses are better for caravans as they are typically lighter, offer the same level of support as an equivalent sprung mattress, provide better pressure relief, offer better customisation and are more cost effective. All in all, foam is a no brainer!

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA to provide comfort to astronauts when dealing with the high pressure of G-Force environments. Once the health benefits of sleeping on memory foam were realised, it then went on to become a wonderful alternative to traditional sprung mattresses. Fast forward to today, memory foam has gone on to become one of the biggest selling bedding materials in the UK.

The way in which memory foam is constructed does mean that it inevitably holds onto and retains body heat. Whilst great in the winter, those who sleep hot or are particularly sensitive to heat can find memory foam to be a little stuffy in the summer.

Saying this however, the vast majority of people would never think twice about the temperature of their mattress and memory foam never would have become the global success story it is today had this been the case.

If you do happen to be a particularly hot sleeper or you’re worried about sensitivity to heat build up, you may wish to consider our more advanced ComfiCel® Cool Memory Foam mattress. This mattress retains less heat and maintains a more neutral temperature compared to traditional memory foam. As a result this is a highly popular option for caravan mattresses