Made to Measure Mattresses for Motorhomes

There are many things to love about staying in a motorhome, the freedom, the endless miles of rolling roads, and the experience of seeing and visiting different places. If the mattress in your motorhome has seen better days then you might find yourself thinking of home sooner than anticipated. Don’t let an old mattress spoil your trip, wake up every morning feeling refreshed and recharged on a brand new made to measure motorhome mattress, cut to fit the exact space available. Get most out of your motorhome trip!
“Ordered on Wednesday and delivered on Friday. That’s what I call service. The measurements were spot on”
Mike Moorse
“A quick message to say that the mattress is excellent as was the whole service- helpful, simple and efficient”
Annie Freud
“It made our return journey back to Spain a lot more comfortable and relaxing! Money well spent – thank you!”
David Wood
“First chance to try the new mattress, what a difference! Super comfy and two great nights sleep. Thank you”
Des Davis
“The mattress fits well, its comfortable, keeps us cool while we sleep and no roll together. Just as advertised”
Tracey Rowbottom
“Very happy with the result, its comfortable and exactly as ordered. Could not be happier with the product”
Kyla Egan
“Contacted Custom Size Beds, gave them the measurements, and within days received a perfect fit mattress”
Paul Parton
“The cool memory foam is excellent with no overheating in the summer even when temperature is over 30°C”
Adrian Addison
“I got the extra firm Cool mattress. It’s firm, but not too hard and super comfy. My back problems are gone!”
Jennifer Volk

Swift Kontiki Motorhome Mattress

Our “Premium Memory Foam” motorhome mattress with cut corners and shaped to fit onto the island bed frame of this Swift Kontiki 669 motorhome

Rollerteam T785 Single Motorhome Mattress

Enjoy waking up in this Rollerteam T785 motorhome on one of our custom size memory foam single RV camper mattresses

Burstner Nexxo 660 Motorhome Mattress

This cut corner RV mattress for the Burstner Nexxo 660 Motorhome is not a problem for our production methods

motorhome Mattress made to measure

If you can draw it, we can make it!

Getting hold of a motorhome mattress replacement is simple, if you can draw it, we’ll make it. Just send us your dimensions and we’ll send back a computer generated production plan for your new mattress. You can then check everything one last time before we get started with production. Your dimensions will be programmed into our precise computer guided foam cutter to ensure a clean and accurate cut. Place your order safe in the knowledge you’ll get the best fit possible for your RV bed. If you can’t draw it, just send us a life size template in the post and we’ll cut around it.


An RV mattress just as good as your bed at home

Unlike run of the mill motorhome mattresses, all of our mattresses are cut from domestic quality materials. No longer do you need to lay awake in your motorhome on a simple ‘leisure grade’ mattress when you go travelling. All of our mattresses are of such a high standard, they give most peoples residential beds a run for their money! A dual layer construction helps to provide a balance between pressure relief and support, which helps to reduce aches and pains. Our simple, yet clearly defined, range helps make your decision as easy as possible. We can even offer custom size fitted sheets to fit your new RV mattress or any other odd size mattress. Gone are the days where your motorhome mattress feels second best to your bed at home, domestic quality replacement mattresses for your motorhome have finally arrived! We also offer made to measure campervan mattresses, caravan mattresses and boat mattresses. So you can enjoy a peaceful nights sleep wherever you are!

bespoke mattress for the bed in a touring camper van motorhome


1,000’s of happy customers

A quick message to say that the mattress is excellent as was the whole service- helpful, simple and efficient

Annie Freud

It made our return journey back to Spain a lot more comfortable and relaxing! Money well spent – thank you!

David Wood

First chance to try the new mattress, what a difference! Super comfy and two great nights sleep. Thank you

Des Davis

The mattress fits well, is very comfortable, keeps us cool while we sleep, with no roll together. Just as advertised.

Tracey Rowbottom

Just had first sleep on our excellent new mattress. Delighted not to have a sore back this morning!

Peter Garrow

Very happy with result, it is comfortable and exactly as described and as ordered. Couldn’t be happier with the product.

Kyla Egan

Contacted Custom Size Beds, gave them the measurements, and within days received a perfect fit Gel foam mattress.

Paul Parton

It fits perfectly and is extremely comfortable, my only regret is we should have ordered one years ago!

Jo Eastwood

The cool memory foam is excellent with no overheating in summer even when temperatures are over 30°C

Adrian Addison

Ordered on Wednesday and delivered on Friday. That’s what I call service. And the measurements were spot on

Mike Moorse

The quality is spot on and it fits like a glove. Would not hesitate in dealing with this company again.

Pat Harvey

Amazing service. Mattress fits perfectly and is super comfy – had the best nights sleep in a long time.

Broghan Nelson

I got the Cool Memory Foam mattress with extra firmness. It’s firm, but not hard and is super comfy. My back problems are gone!

Jennifer Volk

Great customer service and the mattress was delivered very quickly. It fitted into our motorhome perfectly

Hazel Brend

This is an excellent company, first class advice and no fuss delivery all at a very reasonable price.

Carolyn Blackham
South Yorkshire

I cannot fault the product or the service I received from Custom Sized Beds! The new mattress is a perfect fit

Pete Jones
West Midlands

Our mattress was delivered in a matter of days. Its so comfortable, we would recommend this company to anyone

Steve French

I ordered this for a custom made bed deck for my son. It arrived when they said and its super comfortable


Every member of the team that I spoke to at Custom Beds was really helpful. Its such an efficient system

Caroline Sale

I cannot state how great this company is, from start to finish they gave me exactly what I wanted.

Jan Coles

All in all a great service and a fantastic item supplied by nice people at a reasonable price.

Milton Keynes
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Custom motorhome foam mattress – a reason to ditch springs

The mattress in your motorhome should be as good as your mattress at home. We are the experts in motorhome mattresses and our memory foam technology will have you dreaming of the mattress in your motorhome when you’re back at home. 

The question to ask is whether you want a traditional spring, or memory foam mattress and the latter in our opinion is always the better decision. Spring mattresses can lose up to 16% of their support in the 1st year alone, whereas memory foam will bounce back time and time again.

Additionally, traditional spring mattresses are difficult to manufacture to custom sizes, instead only being available in incremental sizes. This can make it awkward when it comes to finding motorhome mattress replacements, whereas a memory foam mattress can be made in any size or shape. Additionally, our motorhome memory foam mattresses are known for their durability, as well as their ability to offer a solid night’s sleep. Our memory foam mattresses provide the perfect level of pressure relief along with the ideal level of motion isolation to ensure that you get the best night’s sleep. 

Memory Foam Mattress For Caravan

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    Made to measure motorhome mattresses

    We are one of the leading providers of made to measure mattresses for motorhomes in the UK, and we have built a reputation for supplying high quality motor home mattress in Europe. With a motorhome bed mattress built by us, you can be rest assured of a good night’s sleep —wherever you are.

    At long last, you can experience the best night’s sleep in your motorhome allowing you to get the most out of your trip. A great night’s sleep begins on a quality mattress, but odd shapes often leave motorhome owners with limited options, especially because space is a major constraint in a motorhome. Our unique custom size mattress service means, regardless of shape or space available, every night spent in your motorhome is pleasurable. Whether your motorhome mattress needs to be a rounded french style island mattress, a diagonal corner cut off mattress or a mattress with a section cut away to fit around a panel we have the perfect solution for your motorhome. No design is too complicated for Custom Size Beds

    Motorhomes dont boast the largest of spaces, so trying to manoeuvre a large mattress into position can be a nightmare. Taking this into account, all our completed motorhome mattresses are vacuum packed and rolled tightly prior to dispatch. Not only does this prevent your mattress getting damaged in transit, but it also makes for a quick and easy installation. The package can be brought into the motorhome by one person and moved without damaging the interior of the motorhome. Simply lay the package on the bed frame and cut the plastic bag open which then allows the mattress to unroll and expand into place!

    Computer controlled production doesn’t just make production more precise, but it also speeds up turn around times. We wont be beaten on production times on made to measure motorhome mattresses! When your mattress is ready to be dispatched our network of reliable next day couriers ensure for a speedy delivery.

    To eliminate any doubts with the design, we provide all customers with a scale production drawing before production begins. This helps give you peace of mind that everything will fit correctly once installed into the motorhome.