Short mattresses cut to any size

If you have a small bedroom or irregular size bed frame then you will know it can be difficult trying to source a good quality short length mattress to fit your space. Custom Size Beds specialise in manufacturing irregular size and short mattresses that provide a luxurious sleep. When standard size mattresses are too long or too wide, a short mattress made to measure can be the only option. No matter how wide or long the custom mattress needs to be, our made to measure service makes ordering a replacement mattress easy!


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Diagram showing the measurements required to order a shorty mattress

Short mattresses made to your specification

Whether you need a mattress to fit a tight space in a box bedroom, a custom made shorty mattress or an antique bed mattress, Custom Size Bed’s can help. All of our mattresses are made to measure, so simply give us your dimensions and we’ll send you a mattress that will fit. It is common for antique, imported or self built bed frames to be too small or large for a standard size mattress. If you have one of these odd size bed frames our made to measure mattress service is the answer! Our short mattresses are also ideal for small campervan bed mattresses, or as a solution for caravan mattresses, motorhome mattresses and even boat beds! Find out more about ordering short mattresses to fit your space today.


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If you’re looking for a short mattress, we’ve got you covered. Our shorty mattresses can be easily ordered to any width or length you need. What’s better, for rectangular short mattresses you’ll pay the same great price as the nearest standard size mattress – thats right, absolutely no surcharge for your custom sizes!

Our team of short mattress experts are here to help, so no matter what you’re wondering, give us a call for guidance!

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A short mattress for box bedrooms

Being a box bedroom, only a custom shorty mattress would fit this made to measure bed frame. As a result we were asked to supply a bespoke short length mattress.

A bespoke short mattress for a small bed

With both odd dimensions and a specific shape required, our made to measure service means the perfect short length mattress can be supplied.

Short mattress with a corner cut away to fit the walls of the room

To make best use of the space, our customer requested for their short mattress to be made with both reduced length and shaped corners.

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    Short mattresses for any small space

    Need a short mattress for a box bedroom? We remove the headache of getting a mattress for a small bedroom. Custom Size Beds make shorty mattresses with reduced lengths and / or reduced widths. Are tight walls making it difficult to get a mattress to fit your bedroom? Our short mattresses are the ideal solution. Get in touch for a quotation and further information.

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