Cancellations and Returns

We offer customers a grace period of 14 days from delivery where we will allow you to cancel your purchase and return your unused item(s) for a refund of the full purchase price (including original shipping costs). Please email or write to us if you wish to cancel your purchase within the 14 day period.

The buyer assumes all cost and responsibility for packaging and arranging the return of goods. Please consider the potential return cost before you open your item and allow it to expand. Once a mattress has expanded it cannot be repacked to original size and can be expensive to return.

Returns are only offered on regular size mattresses ordered via the standard sizes section of our website. Any order with customised dimensions or changes to the standard specification including upgrading to a firm feel, may not be returned. We extend this rule to ANY order that has been ordered with special instructions regarding the product itself. Only orders that are made following the standard specification can be returned. Once payment has been accepted for a custom size order, cancellations cannot be made under any circumstances. Amendments to the dimensions may be possible, however are not guaranteed.

While the quality of our goods is assured, we cannot guarantee suitability for all individuals. With this in mind, you accept that returns are not possible on non standard orders where the user does not find them to be suitable to his or her personal preferences/requirements.