Ordering a new mattress for your french Corbeille bed frame

At Custom Size Beds we regularly get asked about mattresses to fit French into antique bed frames such as Corbeille / Demi-Corbeille bed frames. Due to the shape and size of these beautifully designed bed frames, finding mattresses that will fit can be extremely difficult and leave people with very little options when it comes to type of mattress and materials used. Fortunately, our custom mattresses are a brilliant solution for those who need a new mattress to fit their antique bed frame. Whether you have recently purchased a Corbeille bed frame and now need to find a mattress OR the mattress currently in your French bed frame we can offer a variety of solutions through a selection of carefully selected mattresses made to your exact shape and size Simply send us your dimensions and we will send you back a carefully drawn scale production plan for you to review and double check.
Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 09.50.35 Below shows a recent drawing put together using the customers dimensions. Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 09.50.35 Once the drawing had been completed we sent it back to the customer to make final checks and provide confirmation that the design is correct. Given the go-ahead the measurements were programmed into our machine that accurately cuts the chosen foam block down to size. In this instance the customer selected our Premium Memory Foam Mattress in 8 inch depth. Once the foam had been cut to size we hand crafted a quilted cover to protect the mattress. As soon as production was complete the finished mattress was vacuum compressed and rolled into a nice small package so the mattress can be sent via next day delivery. The below photos were kindly sent in by our customer to show the completed mattress being fitted into place on the bed frame Corbeille bed frame with mattress memory foam The vacuum packed mattress laid out on the bed frame ready to be opened and un-rolled. new Corbeille odd custom size mattress The mattress laid out on the bed frame after being opened buy Corbeille memory foam mattress The Corbeille bed frame with the new mattress and bedding fitted Corbeille memory foam mattress made to measure The Corbeille bed frame with the new mattress and bedding fitted replacement Corbeille mattress The Corbeille bed frame with the new mattress and bedding fitted
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